Pria | Operating System for Health at Home

Pria for Remote Health

Closing the Loop on Remote Healthcare

Pria offers healthcare partners a new way to engage populations with chronic conditions, an enhanced digital connectivity portfolio, and improved revenue metrics in value-based and at-risk healthcare environments.

Pria closes the loop on remote healthcare such as medication management and remote patient monitoring by providing accurate and reliable visibility into care plan adherence and its relation to other clinical data from integrated devices.

A Secure & Engaging Addition to the Remote
Health Ecosystem

Patients who use Pria adhere to their medication regimens up to 88% of the time and interact with Pria upwards of 6+ times per day. Healthcare professionals can capitalize on this important touchpoint to generate more consistent and observable engagement with connected devices and health surveys - the billable activity that generates revenue.

Generate revenue through increased billable activity and virtual visits

Generate a continuous stream of real-time medication adherence and lifestyle data

Increase engagement with clinical surveys and care plans

Improve patient outcomes and reduce hospital readmissions

Proactively Capture Key Medication Adherence & Lifestyle Data from Patients

Highly configurable RPM Integrations for in-home connected medical devices to sync and report health data

Proactive reminders promote adherence to complex medication regimens and provider-directed care plans

Voice-first technology delivered through natural language processing and is trained to recognize the primary user's voice

Surveys automate intake of patient information & habits for streamlined reporting

Device Integrations & Customizations

Using a combination of adaptive AI and secure, cloud-based integrations, the technology platform that powers Pria comes in highly versatile configurations. For RPM, device data is collected and passed from devices to Pria as well as the host RPM platform or Pria's Remotely portal.


Integration with existing telemedicine services to connect users with healthcare professionals through 2-way video calls

Device Integrations

Streamline syncing with wireless scales, pulse oximeters, bluetooth thermometers, and dozens of other connected devices


Access to private SDK to create and customize patient experiences

RPM Platform Integration

Bi-directional integration with your existing RPM dashboard and EHR

Socially Connected Health

Connection to loved ones and care partners with the ability to check in through alerts and video calls

Provider Care Portal

Pria Remotely web portal to control, monitor, and interact with deployed devices


Permission-based drop-ins from emergency providers through PERS alert

Medication Management

Refill prompts and provider notifications for non-adherence events

Improve the Quality and Safety of Healthcare at Home

Including Pria in your product portfolio enables providers to decrease readmissions and unnecessary hospitalizations, while enhancing the patient experience, improving population health, and reducing the per capita cost of health care.