Pria | Operating System for Health at Home

Operating System for Health at Home

Pria integrates health-at-home solutions into patients' individual care plans, and utilizes InterSystems Health Connect Cloud to communicate with EHRs. This enables patients to seamlessly make use of remote technologies and consume in-person healthcare services, while allowing their care team and family caregivers to monitor their health remotely and engage proactively.

EHR Integrations

Secure & scalable infrastructure for seamless integration

  • Built using InterSystems Health Connect Cloud integration engine
  • SMART on FHIR interoperability
  • Integrations with leading EHRs

Remote Patient Monitoring

Enable remote physical exams and RPM workflows:

  • Connectivity to third-party monitoring devices
  • Medication adherence monitoring
  • Appointment scheduling and management
  • Provider web platform for advanced monitoring


Industry-leading telemedicine capabilities:

  • Chat & file sharing
  • Multi-Party Video Calls
  • Lab Results
  • Tools for Billing and Payments
  • Medical History and Symptoms Checker

Medication Management

Monitor medication compliance

  • Bluetooth-connected pill wheel
  • Full UX/UI integration
  • Stores 28 doses (2 weeks on average)
  • Mechanical dispensing

Bundled Services