Pria | Operating System for Health at Home

Technology Tailored to the Patient

"The right care varies from patient to patient,
we are here to make sure we personalize the experience to maximize health outcomes."

Jane Yan

Jane Yan

Chief Operating Officer


Key Benefits

Connected Devices

The Pria Wellhub is LTE-enabled, for out-of-the-box readiness, and seamlessly connects to third-party devices to deliver a simple, cohesive experience that improves engagement and utilization.

Proactive, Voice-First Technology

Pria is the only product that will actively seek out and speak to a specific user in the room about their health care needs and gently encourage them to engage.

Engaging Care Delivery

Our real-time alerts and video-calling capabilities allow the whole care team to constantly monitor the patient's health, improving compliance and adherence without sacrificing their independence.

Integrated Health-at-Home Solution

We integrate best-in-class clinical, educational and lifestyle tools, and deliver them into the home via an engaging digital nurse, to increase adherence and engagement. Our platform integrates with EHRs at scale, allowing for efficient deployment and utilization of remote care solutions by providers and patients.

Home Health Companion

  • Proactive, voice-driven interface for ease of use and increased engagement
  • "Always-on" approach
  • Proactive smart reminders
  • Digital check-ins

Caregiver Mobile Apps

  • Keeping caregivers informed
  • Reports & Alerts
  • Video check-in via mobile app

Connected Devices & Apps

Seamless integration of third party devices deliver a perfectly choreographed experience.

  • Pill Dispenser
  • Wireless Scales
  • Glucometer
  • Blood Pressure
  • Oximeter